ruth spitzer (left) and sarah dorkenwald (right) photo: sebastian sorg


“dorkenwald und spitzer merits special mention for their playful and poetic balance of conceptual design and gestaltung.” thomas schødt rasmussen, danmarks designskole

our work fulfills utopian concepts which are recognized by our peers.


with our ideas for living and housing we produce a body of work which is innovative, versatile, and poetic. thus, we create products in relation to given situations and scenarios. in an experimental process that concentrates more on the logical sequence of mutually conditional decisions than on preconceived planning, our methods range from do-it-yourself strategies to the fabrication of artifacts that contribute to a new activity or experience. playfully, we stretch the senses of imagination and creativity to see and use things differently.


dorkenwald und spitzer respond to people’s propensity to travel from place to place, across vast distances–much like the first nations people in habitats of sticks and leather hides. they offer a view of the human as large and out of control, where the clothing on their backs no longer suffices, and the notion of shelter as transportable is essential. with pinfurniture, packing lightly is taken to extreme measures. objects are flattened into drapery held into tensile shapes by pins to drape over and cocoon the human form. however tentative, they offer a system for creating one’s secure space in the world.” paola poletto, curator