bildergeschichten 05

sarah and sebastian / 365 days / toronto-munich / 7518 kilometres distance / every day a picture story / 730 stories / collaboration / process / emotion

this project addresses being uprooted, through personal choice, to go somewhere else because of work, love, or a deep inner need to explore or search for something. a nomadism that questions our roots, our mother-tongue, but also our ways of communicating. how do we stay close to those left behind? how do we create a form of communication that allows growth and change to happen, if at a distance?


in 2005, for one year, sarah dorkenwald and sebastian sorg produced a ‘picture story’ based on photographs, found materials, and words as a kind of travel diary which they exchanged in an ongoing dialogue between toronto (sarah) and munich (sebastian) for one year. they observed daily life and captured moments and notions which they transformed into short narrative stories. the stories became a tool to transcend distance and to reflect as well as to communicate with each other from their specific place.


a year later they met canadian performance and media artist jacky sawatzky at gibraltar point centre for the art in toronto, and asked her to join the project. out of the stories they made audio wordcollages as well as a film where jacky’s role became one of a mediator between the personal and the public.