photo: maris mezulis

what makes you wealthy 04

bruce mau as guest designer at interior design show / statement / attitude

employer: bruce mau design, toronto (canada)

design: sarah dorkenwald and team, toronto (canada)

client: interior design show, toronto (canada)


i’m sick of modern design.

i’m fed up with corporate cool.

i can’t stand ‘interior design’.

i hate those designer guys ... i love’em ... but i detest that fabricated,

artificial, managed, art-directed look.

i can/t bear to see one more ‘continuous surface’.

i’ve had it with perfection.

i hate the clean lines.

no more computer aided design.

down with color consultants.

down with advertising. down with pr.

turn off tv.

down with minimalism–we want maximalism.

down with reduction–we want more! more! more!


wealth is time.

wealth is children.

wealth is love.

wealth is ideas, invention, exploration.

wealth is books.

wealth is collaboration, colleagues, friends, working together.

we’re sick of the fake and phony.

we want it real.

forget bandwidth.

we don’t need a get-away, we need a get-to.

anti-design manifesto by bruce mau