photo: michael heinrich

lechner bau 09

branding / surface design / interior

120qm, digital print, glass, production lechner gmbh


fair: bau 2009, munich (germany)

exhibitor: lechner gmbh, rothenburg (germany)

architecture: spatial design munich (germany)

creative director: thomas häussler, spatial design munich (germany)

artwork: dorkenwald und spitzer, toronto (canada)


dorkenwald und spitzer were asked to design an exhibition booth highlighting a unique technique to print individual decors on glass, developed and offered by lechner.


the spatial and aesthetic concept consists of three cubes that spatially categorize individual design-solutions in glass within the three sectors work, public space, and home. the display shows potential applications of lechner’s wide variety of work surfaces. the design concept integrated artistic surfaces that display innovative design classics into the architectural space.