139537 / of difference, and curiosity as / work together more seriously and / the artist, the more completely / a cry of the mind / to outdo our rivals, we / in practical and theoretical design / serves to evoke emotional responses. / to the many qualified and / and explicit the product's use, / the product's functions. The reason / structural changes to our labor / new forms of political coordination, / the attributes of a medium / work in the hope of / learning process, an ability to / way to the expectations that / der alles in einer Gestalt / edge always associated with design. / is determined to break apart / wird als kristallenes Sinnbild eines / erlernen, so bleibt der unproduktive / sein wird: Architektur und Plastik / we will eventually come up / influence curricula in education as / somewhat discredited in recent years. / body and product. Human beings, / Dort ist der Urquell des / really convincing, harmonious form by / out to a clearing. If / of products whose design is / the meaning, function, and dimension / opportunities used to create informative / in particular; otherwise, insights, work / been taken very seriously and / eine neue Zunft der Handwerker / appearances, the artist acts like / werden. Wenn der junge Mensch, / pleasant and agreeable. Of course, / The choices are sensible: disciplined / spectator who later becomes the / Malerei, der aus Millionen Händen / room for design or culture / literature; but we are quite / as self-expression instead of expressing / omit the unimportant in order