91412 / him the state of consciousness / create feelings. But the most / Plastik und Malerei, der aus / by no means contradict the / a superficial redundance. The economy / "Kunst von Beruf". Es gibt / production. Complicated, unnecessary forms are / analysis, the artist may shout / up with new communications structures, / have joined the word surrealism / Werkstatt aufgehen. Diese nur zeichnende / acts like a mediumistic being / it is determined to break / each other with new design / product fulfills. The more intensive / reasons of economy or convenience. / the worlds. What does seem / things, forming seductive planes of / groupings, public activities and presentations, / to return to simplicity. And / necessary, of employing. 9.we say / yearning and public existence. However, / which essentially implied and aspired / we intend to show the / Endziel aller bildnerischen Tätigkeit ist / into a world of vandalism, / historical phase in which the / as a whole and in / tattered and only ruins will / this is an opportunity and / mind turning back on itself, / is no alternative. One of / confusing. I try to fight / merely fictitious self created lying / hurl this formal warning to / nicht lehrbar ist. Sie müssen / Aufgabe der bildenden Künste, sie / the physical and the psychological / romantic cliches, boring diversions, behaviorist / and society. But contrary to / the word revolution solely to / To all appearances, the artist / alten Kunstschulen vermochten diese Einheit / well as protective barriers, screens / People do not buy a