40139 / idea on which design was / to living and is not / performs at the intersection of / in order to emphasize the / but on acting out the / of combat to attain first / to widespread demands or structures / toward the future rather than / is not always conscious but / being steadfast and progressive rather / little design as possible. Not / or accepted by the spectator / aim. Our culture is our / minds of our time, designers / in a broader sense. The / What does seem clear, however, / direction. This rational, analytical approach / Tätigkeit in sich verspürt, wieder / there is no alternative. One / square up to criticism and / time in a very obvious, / können durch bewußtes Mit- und / ist. Sie müssen wieder in / those educated are more intelligent, / market without asking for the / find us waiting.8.we are specialists / show signs of decay and / points of no entry or / to look at it, rather / associated with design. For it / courses (for the above-mentioned reasons) / replaces tactility or where touch / der Zukunft, der alles in / an elementary requirement to develop / in premature, meandering forms of / is doing or why he / und Malerei, der aus Millionen / design serves to evoke emotional / artistic execution of the work / is only successful if at / disciplined simplicity or forced, oppressive, / individuality and discussion, between social / is a rejection of this / The latest design trends are / nor a problem of insight