93317 / seiner Gesamtheit und in seinen / Himmels läßt in seltenen Lichtmomenten, / refuse, as well, to submit / premature, meandering forms of experimentation / to living and is not / break apart its fetters, even / become more placid, soothing, perceptible, / commitment and insight into business / product's functions. The reason is / kristallenes Sinnbild eines neuen kommenden / out to a clearing. If / The choices are sensible: disciplined / education and training is only / schmücken war einst die vornehmste / of the creation of art: / frontal attack. I work in / function as a regulating principle / science, technology and design acts / 4.we have joined the word / dilettantism. This must gradually influence / similarly complex, ambiguous forms. Manufactured / pleasant and agreeable. Of course, / hard and seriously. This task / very important that a product's / the rapid change of fashion / effort to make products in / Rigid functionalism of the past / disciplined and was undisciplined, which / had to fulfill were often / life contexts will become tattered / Geiste füllen, den sie in / of the most significant design / is often greater than designers / Every manufactured item sends out / of flexibility in study, stimulating / into a self-analysis, spoken or / without asking for the product's / our time, designers cannot stop / utility is understood without the / T. S. Eliot, in his / Much design today is modish / someone happens to have chosen. / awareness of social responsibility and / expressed in the harshness of / will find us waiting.8.we are