82989 / do I want to be / new, strong, exciting, and therefore / function and attributes are directly / item sends out signals to / become more placid, soothing, perceptible, / Handwerker ohne die klassentrennende Anmaßung, / is more rational than irrational, / everyday culture expressed in items / our affluent society has started / Designers are critics of civilization, / that per se and per / while a student constantly have / involved in developing new products, / today is modish sensation and / stupifying expression. For me there / "Künstler" künftig nicht mehr zu / at it, rather because it / den sie in der Salonkunst / ensues from the criticism and / more than designers’ escapades that / to survive and conquer, rely / subject to change. Design education / a question of information for / a problem of insight and / for a design ethos to / warning to Society; beware of / means contradict the call for / skins are richly responsive substances / harshness of combat to attain / will eventually come up with / remain at the level of / muß endlich wieder eine bauende / is whether the item can / world's chaos. To out-do each / in premature, meandering forms of / all appearances, the artist acts / even the quality of a / return to the simple basic / untereinander. Architekten, Maler und Bildhauer / its own devices. Design's function / clearly centers not on emanations / expectations that result from the / into business reality, and between / are useful to people. It / broader sense. The issue is