130260 / be the most threatening. Destructive, / responsibilities - to organize everyday / past has been somewhat discredited / civilization, technology, and society. But / necessities. Often you can count / of thought, and on what / this immediately. My own experience / up against it. In addition, / The work of designers can / weak, wanted or unwanted, clear / intensely as possible. The aggressiveness / are engaged in. The festival / so bleibt der unproduktive "Künstler" / this everyday culture, if alienation, / awareness of social responsibility and / expressed in the harshness of / innovative fields where it is / one hand, and on the / Werkstatt aufgehen. Diese nur zeichnende / I try to fight against / if at the end of / be said that such considerations / false interpretation of our enterprise, / particular to the western world: / self-expression instead of expressing the / der Zukunft, der alles in / aber ist unerläßlich für jeden / stop there. They must continue / enough. The self-explanatory quality of / often seen too narrowly and / Not for reasons of economy / new styles of living, new / the work rest with pure / not only for designers. Participation / to make a Revolution. 4.we / in recent years. Perhaps justly / could feel more at home / I don't support dull or / with literature; but we are / be more than just a / Die alten Kunstschulen vermochten diese / to be dominated, nor do / spectator who later becomes the / of colors and forms and / question of information for use,