118912 / used to gain a superficial / product's utility is understood without / make no claim to change / this everyday culture, if alienation, / with new communications structures, new / the mind digest and transmute / superfluous to emphasize that which / submit to widespread demands or / created lying flat and not / discipline. Every manufactured item sends / between desired individuality and discussion, / und malende Welt der Musterzeichner / if it must be by / fields where it is very / a product had to fulfill / commercial, the value of design / practice, for a design ethos / goal it must be more / product fulfills. The more intensive / the more design serves to / unbewußt Kunst aus dem Werk / stand against the ruthless exploitation / could feel more at home / da Kunst nicht lehrbar ist. / Good design means as little / the product's use. The latest / Bau der Zukunft, der alles / artist acts like a mediumistic / the fight for a front / einst die vornehmste Aufgabe der / work scenarios and life contexts / seem, often cheaper, but also / clearing. If we give the / merging their own identities with / wollte! Wollen, erdenken, erschaffen wir / signs of decay and that / die jenseits seines Wollens stehen, / out signals to the mind / Das Endziel aller bildnerischen Tätigkeit / Bau! Ihn zu schmücken war / Handwerkers. Gnade des Himmels läßt / involved in developing new products, / work together more seriously and / experience and public sphere, of / again are consecrated by posterity.